Best Form Plugin for WordPress Compared

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A form plugin for WordPress makes it easy for visitors to contact you, get more information, review a product, or add themselves to your emailing list. We compared more than 25 popular form plugins to find the best of the best. WP Forms is the best form plugin for WordPress for most people. Its visual editor, variety of form types, and affordable pricing make it accessible for most website owners.

The Best Form Plugin for WordPress for Most

WPForms logo


Best Form Plugin for WordPress

An ideal and affordable form solution for most businesses, WPForms creates responsive, eye-catching, and easy-to-insert forms. Make newsletter signups, surveys, and more in minutes with over 100 premade templates.

When choosing any “best for most” tool, we consider available features, ease of use, and long-term benefits for a broad spectrum of users. WPForms hits the nail on the head for a WordPress form plugin. Its simple drag-and-drop interface is easy enough for virtually anyone to understand how to use from the start to create various forms for a website.

Pricing for WPForms starts at an affordable $79 a year, and there are frequent flash sales you can take advantage of to save as much as 60% off regular pricing. 

The Best Form Plugin for WordPress Options to Consider 

  1. WPForms – Best form plugin for WordPress for most
  2. Formidable Forms – Best for viewing and managing submitted data
  3. Typeform – Best for interactive forms
  4. Gravity Forms – Best for multifunctional form creation
  5. Forminator Pro– Best for integrating with other business tools

When It Makes Sense to Invest In a Form Plugin for WordPress

A form plugin for WordPress can benefit almost any business of any size, although it’s not always necessary to pay for one. Plenty of form plugins are free and offer the basics that a small business might need to capture email addresses for a mailing list or add a contact form to their site.

But those free plugins don’t usually have the more advanced features large businesses might need, like list management and analytics for thousands of subscribers or multiple design and form options. 

Paid form plugins for WordPress are necessary for websites that need options to make forms that complement their site, perform specific functions for visitors, and gather all the information they need to keep generating leads and making sales. You can always start with a free version or trial to get familiar with a plugin before making it a part of your paid tool arsenal.

Here are few scenarios where investing in a form plugin will make a lot of sense for you:

  • When you’re planning your next marketing campaign and want to gather data from a large audience 
  • When you don’t have the time or design know-how to create newsletters or other branded communications from scratch
  • When you’re putting together your first communication with a growing audience and don’t know where to start

#1 – WPForms — The Best Form Plugin for WordPress for Most

WPForms logo


Best Form Plugin for WordPress

An ideal and affordable form solution for most businesses, WPForms creates responsive, eye-catching, and easy-to-insert forms. Make newsletter signups, surveys, and more in minutes with over 100 premade templates.

WPForms is a simple tool to use for form-building, but you don’t need to have an ounce of coding experience to use any of its features. In fact, the plugin includes several premade templates that are ready to customize with its drag-and-drop builder that moves fields and design elements into place.

That could be one of the reasons more than 4,000,000 users rely on WPForms for their WordPress forms. But, we can also guess that it has to do with the multiple add-ons and features that give you tons of functionality with one plugin. For instance, let users upload files to forms or fill out a long form by skipping back and forth through pages rather than going chronologically.

On the back-end, you benefit from the smart conditional logic feature that turns your forms into intelligent forms, saving you and your visitors time while collecting only the data you need. WPForms also features:

  • Instant notifications to respond to leads quickly
  • Simple form embedding into WordPress
  • A comprehensive entry management system to sort and manage submissions in bulk or separately
  • Mobile-friendly designs
  • Integrations with Drip, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and more
  • Lockable forms
  • Interactive form layouts
  • Offline forms

Pricing starts at $79 for one year and unlimited form creation. However, you’ll probably want Plus, which bumps up to $199/year but gives you access to newsletter forms and integration with leading email marketing services

#2 – Formidable Forms — The Best for Viewing and Managing Submitted Data

Formidable Forms logo

Formidable Forms

Best Form Plugin for Viewing and Managing Submitted Data

Create navigational databases, calendars, and directories with all your form submissions, turning each entry into a piece of data that's easy to edit and manage. Formidable Forms lets you create content, like job board or real estate listings, using your submitted data.

What’s a form builder plugin without the ability to easily view and manage your submissions? If being able to sift through a large number of form submissions to analyze data and contact leads is your priority, Formidable Forms can solve your need.

Once you receive form submissions, they’ll go straight into your submission database as usual. From there, you can move and edit entries and perform other basic tasks to manage the data. Then, use advanced features, like a database search, changeable views, data export, and graph and chart analysis to pinpoint the information you need. Respondents can also edit or remove their own submissions from the front-end.

Even more beneficial for website owners who love user-generated content is the plugin’s ability to turn your submissions into other pieces of content. Use a form to gather listings for a job board or comments for testimonials, and Formidable Forms will generate that content for you using each submission. 

Formidable Forms starts at $79/year for one site and 10+ form templates. Get 50+ form templates for three sites with Plus for $199/year and 80+ form templates for up to seven sites with Business for $399/year. For all templates and unlimited sites, you’ll need Elite for $599/year.

#3 – Typeform — The Best for Interactive Forms

Typeform logo


Best Form Plugin for Interactive Forms

Move users through an interactive form-filling experience with Typeform, which lets you create engaging forms people will want to use. Start easily with pre-made templates to customize with your needed information and design elements.

Sometimes, plain old typical forms aren’t what you’re looking for. When that’s the case, Typeform might be the solution. The plugin creates engaging, aesthetically pleasing forms that are more interactive than your usual fill-out-the-empty-field form. 

Typeform moves your user through an interactive process that’s far from humdrum. Your forms put your visitors first with this plugin, creating a user-friendly experience that people will actually want to stick around for. For you, that could mean a higher form submission rate.

The forms you create with Typeform are especially helpful for surveys. You can add images and videos using the built-in libraries to bring visual appeal and context to each question. As users answer questions, conditional logic will move them to the appropriate next question. Use the same ideology to create feedback forms through which your customers can let you know what you’re doing great and where you can improve.

Pricing for Typeform starts at $29/month for unlimited forms and up to 100 responses per month. Larger businesses should consider Plus for $59/month or Business for $99/month for 1,000 or 10,000 responses per month, respectively. Before you commit, try the free plan to get a feel for how it works.

#4 – Gravity Forms — The Best for Multifunctional Form Creation

Gravity Forms logo

Gravity Forms

Best Form Plugin for Multifunctional Form Creation

Make almost any type of form imaginable, from applications to event registrations. Add-ons customize the plugin with features that turn your website into a fully-functional store, membership site, or lead generator.

Gravity Forms is one of the best form plugins you’ll find if you already have some prior experience using a form plugin. As a beginner, you might actually be overwhelmed by its features, but seasoned users will appreciate all it has to offer to create completely tailored-to-you forms.

Gravity Forms gives you templates for your basic forms, like newsletter signups and contact forms. But you’ll also get contest entry forms, quote request forms, ecommerce forms, and other unique forms that you’d usually have to attempt to create on your own. 

Additionally, Gravity Forms lets you customize them with add-ons. Not only can you integrate email marketing tools, CRMs, and project management services, but you can also add surveys, user registrations, and credit card payment services to the plugin. Add-ons help all your tools work with Gravity Forms to give users a smooth transition through each part of the signup or checkout process.

With conditional logic, the ability to upload files, and a library of community add-ons, your options are just about endless for forms created with Gravity Forms.

Bonus: The plugin keeps spam out of the way with your forms with its honeypot filter feature. Add a honeypot field to each form, which only bots can see. If that field gets filled out, you know a bot hit your form, and you can disregard that submission.

Pricing for a Basic plan is $59/year with access to most features and all Basic add-ons. A Pro license is $159/year for three sites plus Pro add-ons. Elite costs $259/year to get unlimited sites, priority support, and access to Elite add-ons. A free demo is available to try before you buy.

#5 – Forminator Pro — The Best for Integrating with Other Business Tools

Forminator Pro logo

Forminator Pro

Best Form Plugin for Integrating with Other Business Tools

Forminator Pro connects to the most popular payment, CRM, and project management tools to ease the burden of organization among your team. Connect to services like AWeber, Slack, Akismet, and Complianz, to add function to your back-end and streamline processes.

A form plugin that integrates with your other favorite business tools allows everything to function together, so there’s less switching back and forth to use specific features. Forminator Pro is ready to connect to more than 2,000 third-party apps, so it’s unlikely that a tool you use won’t be available as an integration. 

As a Stripe Verified Partner, Forminator Pro logically offers a Stripe integration, but you can also connect PayPal to receive payments quickly and securely. Other integrations include Google Sheets, HubSpot, MailChimp, and Zapier, which offers more than 1,000 connections on its own. 

Here are a few other notable features of Forminator Pro:

  • eSignature acceptance
  • More than 25 form fields
  • Spam protection with honeypot filters, Akismet, and reCAPTCHA
  • Conditional logic
  • Interactive forms
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Unlimited notifications for submissions

Forminator Pro starts at $5/month when paid annually or $6/month on a monthly subscription for one site. Add access for additional sites Starting at $11.67/month, paid annually.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Form Plugin for WordPress

On the surface, most form plugins for WordPress have similar features. However, the slight differences between them can sometimes be the most important for your business. 

To help you decide which form plugin and features you specifically need for your website, we’ve rounded up a few of the most critical considerations into this clear, concise methodology. 

Form Types

Most form plugins support various types of forms with pre-made templates and customization options to help you gather the information you need from website visitors. But some focus primarily on newsletter signups while others target survey and quiz creation. Others only offer some types of forms in premium subscriptions rather than a free or low-tier version.

Even if you only need a newsletter or contact form right now, you might need other kinds of forms, like registration, login, and payment forms, in the future. Paying for a service that offers everything you might need can save you time later trying to find a new service to accommodate your needs.

Pro Tip: Gravity Forms is probably your best bet if you want full control over the kinds of forms you use on your site. Even with its Basic license, you’ll get access to common and unique form templates, like contact forms, webinar registration forms, and contest entry forms.

Visual, Drag-and-Drop Builder

Modern form plugins almost always use some kind of visual form builder that lets you view how your form will look in real-time as you add and move fields. Some still use shortcodes to do the job. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; some people are simply used to using shortcodes and prefer them for making quick, simple forms.

But a visual builder definitely has its benefits, especially when it’s designed for dragging and dropping elements of a form. These builders require zero designing and coding experience. Just place fields where you want them to be in your form, and the builder generated the code for you.

You’ll get customization options galore with visual builders, allowing you to change colors, fonts, and other design elements in one spot. With shortcode, you’ll usually need to tweak CSS coding to get your form to look right. We love the visual builder you get with WPForms, which is perfect for beginners to advanced users to pick up and run with.

Conditional Logic Capabilities

When you fill out a long form, you don’t want to waste time answering questions that aren’t relevant to you. Your website visitors certainly don’t, either. 

That’s where conditional logic is a must-have feature. If you make long forms, you want to streamline the filling-out process to make it as easy as possible for visitors. Conditional logic only shows questions that the user needs to answer while hiding ones they don’t need based on their responses from previous questions.

Suppose a user submits, “No,” as a response to, “Would you like to provide more feedback about your experience?” Your form can skip them forward to the end of the form asking for their contact information instead of asking them more questions about their experience. That’s conditional logic, and it’s a true time and headache-saver for anyone filling out your form.

Spam Protection

Technology has made it easier than ever for spammers to continue their spamming ways. But spam hasn’t been just for email in a long time. It now takes over website comments and forms, especially those that have no form of spam protection in place.

Form plugins for WordPress typically have CAPTCHA capabilities, which gives respondents a quick task to complete to prove that they’re human. Even better is a reCAPTCHA, which asks people to click on specific types of pictures before moving forward with the form. WPForms supports CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, and hCAPTCHA protections.

More advanced forms of spam protection for form plugins include double opt-ins, integrations with other spam-blocking services, and honeypot filters. Plugins with a conditional logic feature can also allow you to create a conditional logic question that respondents will need to solve correctly before continuing or submitting the form. 

WPForms logo


Best Form Plugin for WordPress

An ideal and affordable form solution for most businesses, WPForms creates responsive, eye-catching, and easy-to-insert forms. Make newsletter signups, surveys, and more in minutes with over 100 premade templates.


Gone are the days of website forms that look disorganized and unprofessional. Today’s digital forms are clean, eye-catching, and ask for pertinent information to assist your business goals. The five plugins in this guide are the best around for ease of use, interactivity, and boosting your marketing processes.

WPForms is arguably the best choice for most businesses and entrepreneurs today with its simple form builder and a multitude of features to get forms looking and acting like they need to. However, no plugin does interactive forms as well as Typeform, and viewing and managing submission data couldn’t be easier than it is with Formidable Forms.

If you need a lot of advanced features for multiple marketing campaigns, try Gravity Forms. And if your team uses tons of tools daily, Forminator Pro might be the way to go to incorporate your tools with your forms. 

Each option in this guide is free to try or comes with a risk-free guarantee, allowing you to test them out and find your match. 

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