Best Facility Management Software Compared

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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Facility management software simplifies the process of improving the operations for any sized organization. Facility managers can discover potential problems and make adjustments before a serious issue occurs. We’ve run demos for nearly every kind of facility software out there and spoken to those who use it daily. The best all-around facility management software, based on our studies, is Hippo. It works for businesses across multiple industries, improving all aspects of managing facilities. It is easy to use, and it offers competitive pricing.

The Best Facility Management Software for Most

Hippo logo


Best for Most

Companies that need an all-around FMS package will appreciate everything Hippo brings to the table. It works for almost any industry and for almost any size of company. Its easy-to-use interface is the perfect finishing touch.

Hippo sits at the top of our list because the majority of its features rank above average versus their peers. Regardless of the size of your organization or the industry you’re in. Hippo will deliver strong performance.

If your business needs help in the areas of planning for repair and maintenance in your facility, Hippo excels. Your managers can prioritize certain maintenance items, ensuring equipment stays up and running when your company needs it the most.

The Best Facility Management Software Options to Consider

  1. Hippo – Best for Most
  2. UpKeep – Best for Mobile-First Organizations
  3. FMX – Best for Customizing the Software
  4. eMaint – Best for Automated Facility Management
  5. Service Channel – Best for Making Good FMS Decisions
  6. Corrigo – Best for Organizations With Remote Locations
  7. TRIRIGA by IBM – Best for Managing Facility Space
  8. MaintainX – Best for Keeping the Learning Curve Short

When It Makes Sense to Invest In Facility Management Software

Finding the right time in the company’s lifespan to make the investment in FMS/CMMS is tricky. (Some people use CMMS, or computerized maintenance management software, and FMS interchangeably.) Consider these scenarios to figure out the best time to make an investment in FMS, giving an organization the biggest benefit for the money.

Seeing Repeated Pain Points

When the organization sees constant bottlenecks in the same areas, facility management software may be able to help. 

As a company grows, certain problems may arise repeatedly. If management believes these issues occur because the company is relying on manual processes, software could alleviate these issues through automation. Some of these types of pain points may include:

  • Managing assets
  • Managing remote locations
  • Managing inventory
  • Managing and prioritizing work orders
  • Performing preventative maintenance
  • Tracking costs of maintenance
  • Reducing time spent on paperwork and forms

Replacing Multiple Software Products

Many organizations pick up pieces of software here and there over a few years to solve specific problems. Eventually, those one-off software packages become unwieldy to manage, especially if they don’t communicate with each other.

With facility management software, an organization may be able to replace multiple other software packages. Having an all-in-one FMS package can simplify the job of managing multiple aspects of the physical facility.

Planning for Growth in a Strategic Manner

Every company has a goal of growing. But when growth occurs without a strategic plan behind it, that growth often results in inefficiencies and wasted money.

Facility management software provides data for a number of important growth trajectory items. Decisions based on this data will have a better chance at proving successful versus decisions that happen haphazardly.

With FMS, for example, managers can run scenarios to ensure they are using building space efficiently. This data allows the company to purchase a new building or to lease new employee space only when it becomes truly necessary. 

As facility management software continues to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning, it will produce even more accurate and useful data. Justifying the purchase of new office or manufacturing space to management becomes easier when high-level data drives the plans.

#1 – Hippo – The Best for Most

Hippo logo


Best for Most

Companies that need an all-around FMS package will appreciate everything Hippo brings to the table. It works for almost any industry and for almost any size of company. Its easy-to-use interface is the perfect finishing touch.

Hippo does an excellent job of providing an easy-to-use dashboard alongside powerful all-around features. It will give those working in a variety of industries the ability to monitor equipment and processes to ensure compliance standards are being met.

For companies that struggle to stay on top of the maintenance of equipment and repairs, Hippo ensures managers have a calendar to follow for these tasks. Hippo provides access to the O&M manuals to ensure employees have the information they need to make maintenance go smoothly.

Hippo’s dashboard interface gives managers and employees the ability to learn how to use the software quickly. 

Hippo offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $39 per user per month
  • Plus: $69 per user per month
  • Pro: $99 per user per month.

Visit Hippo to get started today.

#2 – UpKeep – The Best for Mobile-First Organizations

UpKeep logo


Best for Mobile-First Operations

For those who rely on tablets and smartphones to help with facility management, UpKeep’s mobile app is one of the best available. UpKeep has plenty of other strong features too, giving companies valuable reports and real-time data.

Among facility management software packages, UpKeep’s greatest strength lies in its mobile app. The UpKeep developers emphasized the usability and functionality of the mobile app, and it shows.

Employees can submit maintenance requests via the app, ensuring repairs occur in a timely manner. Use the mobile app to scan barcodes on the manufacturing floor to ensure the correct parts arrive for performing repairs.

Upkeep’s desktop version works extremely well too. Managers have real-time information about all aspects of monitoring and running a facility. Managers can modify the software’s dashboard to emphasize the KPIs (or key performance indicators) that are most important to the company.

UpKeep has three pricing plans, as well as a free version:

  • Community: Free version
  • Starter: $45 per user per month
  • Professional: $75 per user per month
  • Business Plus: $120 per user per month

Try UpKeep for free here!

#3 – FMX – The Best for Customizing the Software

FMX logo


Best for Customizing the Software

FMX delivers excellent customization features for reporting and for displaying the analytics dashboard. It includes a color-coded calendar that simplifies scheduling everything from usage of the facility’s meeting rooms to downtime for equipment maintenance.

With FMX software, companies are able to customize the reporting functions and dashboard interface easily. This makes the software especially useful, ensuring the company has the most valuable information close at hand.

For companies that struggle to create schedules for repairs and maintenance at all facility locations, FMX has multiple features to simplify this process. 

It’s easy for managers to use the customized dashboard to see the financial benefits of performing certain types of maintenance as well. They can create reports to show upper management the cost benefits of staying on top of maintenance and repairs.

FMX has three pricing plans along with a free version:

  • Essentials: Free version
  • Select: $35 per user per month
  • Plus: $60 per user per month
  • Premium: Requires custom pricing quote

Try FMX for free today.

#4 – eMaint – The Best for Automated Facility Management

eMaint logo


Best for Automated Facility Management

With eMaint, the software automatically monitors many aspects of the facility, alerting employees to potential problems before they become worse. The software automates risk management assessments on equipment too, saving on costs.

When manual processes are dragging down the productivity of an organization, the eMaint facility management software automates multiple processes. 

eMaint uses predictive scheduling to determine when it’s time to perform maintenance and repair procedures. The software monitors the performance of equipment automatically too, sending alerts to maintenance personnel about a potential problem.

Beyond automating maintenance, eMaint can perform many of the other basic functions of facility management software, including tracking progress toward meeting regulatory standards and developing audit logs.

Select among three pricing plans with eMaint:

  • Team: $33 per user per month
  • Professional: $85 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $120 per user per month

Visit eMaint to get started today.

#5 – Service Channel – The Best for Making Good FMS Decisions

SC logo

Service Channel

Best for Making Good FMS Decisions

For companies that struggle to make accurate decisions regarding facilities management, Service Channel’s data-driven approach is helpful. Its features work for organizations in nearly any industry and of nearly any size.

Making decisions about the future of an organization and about how it should handle facility management as it grows is a significant challenge. Service Channel helps with accurate decision-making by providing relevant data. 

When making decisions based on real-time and accurate data, companies become more efficient, which saves money. They receive useful financial forecasts, helping them stay on budget. Service Channel serves almost any industry effectively. 

Beyond helping companies make better decisions while they grow, Service Channel offers multiple other features to help with facility management. This FMS package can automate scheduling service on equipment, and it can track energy expenses for facilities.

Service Channel only provides pricing information when potential customers request customized quotes. Get your quote here.

#6 – Corrigo – The Best for Organizations With Remote Locations

Corrigo logo


Best for Remote Locations

For a company that has employees and equipment spread over multiple locations, Corrigo has the ability to pull real-time information from all areas. This helps managers make smarter decisions in a shorter amount of time.

For organizations that must manage a wide range of types of employees over multiple locations, Corrigo simplifies the process of tracking all of the most important data. 

Corrigo delivers automated maintenance tracking for equipment, while also ensuring the right personnel are on hand at the location to do the job. The software tracks all repairs performed, ensuring the company is spending its repairs budget wisely.

Corrigo also works well for industries where employees often are working off-site and need access to information. These may include construction companies and repair companies.

Contact Corrigo directly to receive a customized pricing quote.

#7 – TRIRIGA by IBM – The Best for Managing Facility Space



Best for Managing Facility Space

Companies that have large amounts of space in their facilities need to make sure they’re using all of it as efficiently as possible, delivering the maximum financial benefits. TRIRIGA by IBM excels in this area versus its FMS peers.

TRIRIGA by IBM delivers a number of features that help an organization gain the greatest level of benefit from its existing facilities. Through TRIRIGA’s data collection, organizations can ensure they’re saving money in the operation of the facilities as well.

TRIRIGA helps with performing pre-emptive maintenance and repairs, reducing energy use, planning for capital improvements, and managing property lease timing.

Managers also can use the software to create plans for reconfiguring and using existing space more efficiently. This can save money versus adding more real estate to the portfolio that’s not actually necessary.

Potential customers must contact IBM directly to obtain a pricing quote. Request your quote today!

#8 – MaintainX – The Best for Keeping the Learning Curve Short

MaintainX logo


Best for Keeping the Learning Curve Short

For organizations that hesitate to implement facility management software because of the potential for a steep learning curve, MaintainX has an easy-to-use interface that everyone can pick up in very little time.

Small businesses that want the benefits of an FMS installation, but that worry about being able to use the software efficiently, will appreciate MaintainX

It provides an intuitive dashboard that allows employees and managers to pull in the most relevant data and generate meaningful reports quickly. 

MaintainX will work on any platform employees need to use, including on a desktop computer, on a smartphone, or on a tablet. It works for nearly any industry. Although small businesses receive a number of benefits from this software, it has enough detail in its feature set that it will work for medium-sized businesses too.

MaintainX offers four different service tiers, one of which is free:

  • Basic: Free version
  • Essential: $8.33 per user per month
  • Premium: $32.50 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Requires custom pricing quote

Try MaintainX for free here. 

Methodology for Choosing the Best Facility Management Software

Finding just the right FMS for a particular company requires knowing exactly what the company needs. Here are some of the most important features of facility management software that companies can use to their advantage.

Using Mobile Devices

When employees use smartphones and tablets frequently during the workday, employers want to automate the collection of the data from these devices. Companies become far more efficient when incorporating mobile apps into the FMS they choose.

Facility management software that includes an app for mobile devices is an efficient way to collect this data. The best FMS apps will be able to nearly duplicate all of the features and usability of the software’s desktop or cloud versions.

Customizing Reports

Although all facility management software packages can generate reports, not all of them allow companies to significantly customize the reports. By adding the company’s specific KPIs into the reporting function, the software’s usability increases significantly.

A good software package will give a company the ability to drill down to specific items, ensuring the reports deliver useful information about a particular problem or function.

Managing Remote Locations 

When companies have multiple locations they’re trying to manage, the facility management software must be able to pull real-time data from all locations. 

When software keeps accurate, up-to-date information on employee seats in use, energy costs, and planned maintenance outages at each location, managers can make smarter decisions.

For example, scheduling maintenance outages becomes easier when the manager knows some of the processing can go to another building with free time. Through remote location monitoring, the facility management software delivers the real-time data the manager needs to make this decision. The manager no longer has to wait for managers onsite to find time to provide the data.

Enhancing Employee Safety

Facility management software gives managers reports, up-to-date data, and employee feedback on equipment in any location. This information can improve employee confidence in the safety of the equipment.

Should a piece of equipment begin to show signs of wear, the FMS will give the manager real-time information. This ensures the manager can schedule repairs and maintenance immediately, rather than hearing about potentially dangerous problems several days after they begin to appear.

Employees feel like employers take their safety concerns seriously when repairs occur quickly. This leads to happier and more efficient employees.

Hippo logo


Best for Most

Companies that need an all-around FMS package will appreciate everything Hippo brings to the table. It works for almost any industry and for almost any size of company. Its easy-to-use interface is the perfect finishing touch.


Understanding exactly where a company’s pain points exist leads to a more efficient organization. Facility management software delivers this information in easy-to-understand graphics and reports.

Although facility management software can be pricey, the benefits and cost savings it will deliver represent considerable value.

For the best all-around FMS, we recommend Hippo. However, for those organizations that have specific requirements for this software, several other packages will do the job extremely well. Spending a bit of time understanding why a company needs FMS before making a purchase will increase the chances of a good match.

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