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Best Enterprise Project Management Software Compared

Genius Project is our favorite enterprise project management software of the seven tools reviewed in this guide. It shines above the rest with its robust features for time and expense tracking, risk management, and enterprise project portfolio management. Continue reading to learn more about the best enterprise project management tools for the most common use cases, and let this guide help you find the best option for your business.

Top Enterprise Project Management Software: Golden Eggs

We’ve assessed several brands to include in our reviews below, but our Golden Eggs stand out from the other solutions within the enterprise project management category due to their versatility and exceptional capabilities.

Genius Project provides enterprise-grade security for users of its cloud-based deployment and also offers on-premise and hosted deployments to accommodate any business environment. Start your 15-day free trial today

Wrike is a versatile project management tool that comes with pre-built templates and powerful automations to streamline your processes. Try Wrike for free today.

Zoho Projects offers an enterprise-grade project management solution with noteworthy features related to issue tracking and SLA management. Sign up now to start your 10-day free trial.

Sciforma is a robust project portfolio management tool that also helps simplify time tracking, resource allocation, and project budget planning at scale. Request a demo to get started.

Best Enterprise Project Management Software golden eggs.

Enterprise Project Management Software Review Process

In our search to find the best enterprise project management software, our research team identified the most common benefits organizations want from an enterprise-grade project management platform. 

Each review below is segmented by use case to help you quickly spot a few potential solutions for your needs. The seven brands reviewed are broken down into these three use cases:

If you see a use case that best fits what you’re looking for, you can skip straight to that section and get a feel for our top recommendations for that need. Or, read this post straight through to get an idea of the big ways these enterprise project management platforms can differ. 

In each review, you’ll learn more about why each product fits the use case and how their features help you simplify major aspects of large-scale project management. And, if you want to learn more, look for the links to our full brand review posts to zoom in on one particular option.

The Best Enterprise Project Management Software for Built-In Time & Expense Tracking

Project management naturally has a lot of different moving parts. But, at scale, simultaneous projects and a large number of team members make time and expense tracking more complex and essential. A robust PM tool that can calculate and integrate hours worked, billable hours, the costs of various resources, and other factors is crucial to ensure projects are completed on time without going over budget. Features for capacity monitoring and resource allocation are also important here, making it easier for project managers to route project tasks accordingly without overloading their teams. 

Genius Project

Genius Project logo

Unlike other tools on the market that offer enterprise-level plans as a tier within broader project management software, Genius Project is enterprise-grade from the ground up. The tool is extremely flexible and adapts to the unique needs of larger organizations managing a portfolio of projects across various departments. 

The time and expense tracking tools are highly sophisticated and can be completely customized based on the unique needs of each project. For example, you can customize fields on a timesheet as an expense that will be paid by the company or classify it as an expense that requires reimbursement. The flexibility here really streamlines the invoicing process for client projects as well. 

You’ll also benefit from weekly reports that show the complete picture of resources and costs for each project. This makes it easier to see if everything is on track and allocate tasks to your team members based on availability. 

Genius Project also has a separate feature for cost and budget management. This feature takes the data from your time and expense reports to the next level with multi-currency and multi-rate capabilities. You can measure your project performance compared to your budget at any time you need the most up-to-date insight. 


Sciforma logo

Sciforma specializes in project portfolio management and strategic portfolio management—two priorities for enterprise project planning. The time and expense management features offered by this tool are extremely versatile, and they can become a life-saver for managing project portfolios at scale. 

First, it has an automated timesheet feature that eliminates the need for teams to input records manually. This instantly frees people to spend more time on value-added tasks instead of worrying about administrative details that don’t actually move the project along.

Sciforma has a unique facet to its software that supports organizations utilizing both project managers and resource managers. You can customize a two-step approval process to ensure tasks are allocated appropriately. Both managers will always know exactly who is working on what, and they can also track actuals against planned expenses. 

The software is versatile enough to support a wide range of project management styles, including Agile, waterfall, and critical chain. You can also use real-time and weekly reports to estimate resources and budgets, which is useful for getting the most out of your team’s availability without overloading them.


BigTime logo

BigTime is arguably the most unique tool on our list. It’s branded as an operational platform for professional service firms, but it also delivers robust project management features and dedicated tools for time and expense management, resource management, and billing and invoicing. 

The time management tools can be fully integrated within each project, and managers can set up custom fields to only collect the data they need to keep projects on track. View billable hours as a percentage of a team member’s total capacity or see reports showing who is performing over or under their capacity limits each day, to name a couple of examples. 

Every expense can be tied to its corresponding project and categorized based on what’s being paid for internally compared to what clients are billed. Project managers will always have an accurate picture of the costs throughout each stage of a project. 

In addition to preventing burnout, the resource allocation tools also help project managers assign tasks to the right person based on their skills. Just because someone on your team has availability, it doesn’t mean they’re the right person to work on a specific deliverable. BigTime has a star-rating system that makes it easy to identify who can complete what tasks based on their skills. This is completely customizable based on the unique services offered by your organization and the talent within it. 

The Best Enterprise Project Management Software for Issue Management and Resolution

You want PM software that will help you spot, solve, and eliminate problems of all types. Whether you’re dealing with product or software development and integrating bug fixes into your project process, needing a way to organize, handle, and resolve customer issues, or want insight into big-picture planning to stop project blockers before they arise, these tools have features built-in to assist you. Quality collaboration features within these tools are also extremely important here, as they ensure new issues don’t fall through the cracks due to a breakdown in communication.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects logo.

Zoho Projects is one of the most affordable PM solutions on the market that can rise to the occasion of handling enterprise project portfolios. With the software’s Enterprise plan starting at just $10 per user per month, it’s tough to find a better value in this space. 

In terms of issue management, Zoho Projects shines with its user-friendliness. New issues can be added manually or automatically created through a third-party bug-tracking tool. Teams can set up custom parameters based on different issue types, so the highest-priority items are always handled first. You can even integrate the tool with GitHub and Bitbucket to view new commits as you’re resolving issues from the project boards.

Every team and project is unique. Zoho Projects understands this and lets you create custom workflows for each project type. Your development team can manage issues differently from your marketing team instead of trying to use generic workflow steps to accommodate all of your projects.

For client work, you can set up custom SLAs that define the rules for how issues are managed, describe when issues need to be escalated, and outline exactly who will be handling them. This level of transparency can help hold your team accountable and keep your clients’ minds at ease. 

Genius Project

Genius Project logo

Genius Project offers the most advanced risk management capabilities on our list. It has a project simulation tool that lets project managers and decision-makers experiment with different parameters either before a project starts or during an existing project. For example, you can use it to adjust your resource allocation, capacity, and costs to identify risks for potential scenarios and see how they’ll change outcomes. 

The software also has a wide range of issue management and change management planning tools beyond the simulation feature. Project managers can use this to conduct a thorough risk analysis and identify ways to mitigate new risks. This will help you feel more confident with your decision-making throughout a project. 

Every project has its own-issue tracking system as well. There’s also an integrated notification and reporting system, which helps keep all relevant parties informed about new issues and project changes. 

The Best Enterprise Project Management Software for Time-Saving Templates and Automations

Enterprise project management sounds intense. But if you’re just juggling a lot of similar projects at once, the most useful features for you are likely templates and automations. These make it easier for every new project to get up and running faster and help teams work more efficiently. When used correctly, these tools make everyone look good because of how much easier it becomes to complete projects on time or earlier. 


Wrike logo

Wrike’s versatile project management solution is trusted by over 20,000 companies globally. You’ll love Wrike’s pre-built templates if you want to streamline your projects and processes.

Every project team can start with a template that best matches what they’re working on. Wrike has pre-built options in categories like marketing, operations, IT, engineering, professional services, and more. They even have templates that support specific project management methods, such as event management or the Agile PM methodology. 

The software’s robust automation engine lets you create custom rules for repetitive workflows. Let’s say a team member moves a task from one workflow step to another. Wrike can automatically assign the task to the next person in the flow, notify the appropriate parties, and update all of the project requirements that managers need to manage changes and risks. 

They’re also easy to build out, and all of the automations are built to scale. So you can continue saving time and money on mundane tasks over time. 

Want to dive deeper into the capabilities of this software? Check out our full Wrike review to learn more. 


Monday.com logo

Monday.com comes with ready-made templates out of the box, as well as the ability to customize them to fit your processes and save them for later use. 

You can start from over 200 pre-built templates covering industries and departments ranging from marketing, software development, and HR to manufacturing, construction, nonprofits, and venture capital. Starting there to kick off a new project will save you time from the very beginning. 

From there, you can take full advantage of Monday.com’s powerful automations. These are code-free, meaning anyone on the team can set these up, even if they don’t have technical training. The possibilities are virtually endless, whether you want to set up alerts for relevant team members, automated movement of project items along the pipeline, or setting up sprints automatically on a cadence you determine.

Monday.com’s automations can also sync with your favorite tools, including Slack, Gmail, Drive, Dropbox, and many other platforms. So, your calendar can automatically be updated and the appropriate parties can be notified when a new file is attached to a task. 

If you’re interested in this tool, make sure to read our complete Monday.com review for more information on plans, pricing, features, and benefits. 


ClickUp logo

With more than 800,000 teams relying on ClickUp, this is one of the most popular project management tools on the market today. While the platform can support teams of all sizes, it offers an enterprise-specific product with everything you need to manage multiple projects and teams at scale. 

The software comes with hundreds of templates segmented by unique team use cases. Each template already has the appropriate views set up based on the requirements. For example, if you start with an Agile project management template, ClickUp gives you a Kanban board for tasks and a list view for epics and user stories. This type of template also comes with sprint planning features. 

ClickUp has over 50 pre-built actions and triggers that you can use to automate workflows. Once you define your SOPs, things like status updates and task assignments can be handled automatically. This feature is especially useful for automatically changing the priority level of tasks based on a tag or status—ensuring the most time-sensitive tasks are always flagged and handled first. 

To learn more about ClickUp and its project management capabilities, check out our post reviewing the brand

Further Reading

For more information on enterprise PM and project management in general, check out the additional guides and resources on the subject we’ve written. In the posts below, you’ll find helpful tips that will expand your project management knowledge and other useful tools to take your project management expertise to the next level.

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