Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Best Employee Engagement Software Compared

Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Employee engagement software allows you to track feedback from employees and boost positive activity. We spent 10 days reviewing over 20 pieces of employee engagement software to select the best. As a result, we decided that Culture Amp is the best for most because of its range of features, user-friendly design, and automated reminders. 

The Best Employee Engagement Software for Most 

Culture Amp logo

Culture Amp

Best for Most

Culture Amp provides you with customizable templates, pulse surveys, and powerful analytics to stay ahead of the game. With a user-friendly design and a more than helpful turnover prediction tool, it’s going to be the right choice for most. A free demo is available today.

The best employee engagement software for most is Culture Amp. There’s a variety of essential features, including helpful pulse surveys, customizable templates, and powerful analytics that enable you to adapt your strategy. The user-friendly design stands out, making it a great choice for those that value simplicity.

We also like the ability to take action on the high-impact areas of your business using the survey focus agent—there’s less time-wasting and more getting straight to problem areas. Read on for more about this first-rate employee engagement software and see our other top picks.

The Best Employee Engagement Software To Consider 

  1. Culture Amp – Best for Most
  2. Leapsome – Best for Data Importing
  3. ClearCompany – Best for Real-Time Feedback
  4. 7Geese – Best for Customer Service
  5. Glint – Best for Predictive AI

When It Makes Sense To Invest In Employee Engagement Software

Employee engagement software, at its core, is about keeping your employees happy so you can retain them and boost overall productivity. You may be wondering when the best time to invest in the software is or whether you need it in the first place.

You might be a medium or large business that finds itself struggling to connect with your employees. With multiple departments in your business and less time to reach out and see how your teams feel, it can feel impossible to stay ahead of the game. Employee engagement software would be ideal here, allowing you to check in, set custom goals quickly, and address problems efficiently in one unified platform.

If you have a distributed or remote team globally, you might find your employees feel isolated from the company or detached. Over time, the distance typically results in declining engagement rates and sometimes reduced well-being of your staff. Employee engagement software allows you to send out valuable surveys and check in regularly with your team, making them feel more connected and boosting engagement.

Perhaps you find that your turnover is exceptionally high, but you don’t understand the reasons why. A common question you ask yourself might be: “Why are people leaving our business?” If that’s the case, employee engagement software is necessary. The software smartly breaks down data, providing authoritative analytics that shows you why and even predicts when people want to leave your company.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, there’s a strong chance you need to invest in employee engagement software.

#1 – Culture Amp – The Best for Most

Culture Amp logo

Culture Amp

Best for Most

Culture Amp provides you with customizable templates, pulse surveys, and powerful analytics to stay ahead of the game. With a user-friendly design and a more than helpful turnover prediction tool, it’s going to be the right choice for most. A free demo is available today.

Culture Amp is the best employee engagement software for most because it offers various helpful features and a user-friendly design that’s suitable for many companies.

For instance, you’ll have access to over 30 customizable survey templates to understand engagement, onboarding and exit experiences, and inclusion. The best part is that the surveys are easily customizable to your needs and don’t take an age to set up. Ultimately, you can pinpoint and take action on the main impact areas, allowing you to boost retention and employee happiness.

There’s the option of getting recommended actions too, which we think is particularly helpful for those that might feel lost for ideas. The “Inspirations” feature in the dashboard will give you ideas to keep people engaged; for example, you could highlight people’s expertise with badges, making them feel more valued and increasing their sense of purpose.

We’re also fans of the turnover prediction feature, which lets you know who is at risk of leaving and why. Add to that leader reports that help you focus on individual improvement via customized reports and powerful analytics to back it up. The result? A complete package that doesn’t require advanced knowledge to use.

Unfortunately, Culture Amp doesn’t list its prices, and you’ll need to reach out for a custom quote. A free demo, however, is available so you can see it in action for yourself.

#2 – Leapsome – The Best for Data Importing

Leapsome logo


Best for Data Importing

For all your data importing needs, Leapsome has you covered. It offers an easy solution for importing existing data and features useful integrations with BambooHR, Personio, and GSuite. Throw in onboarding surveys and a best practices library, and you couldn’t ask for more.

Sometimes you need a quick solution that can take your existing data and make it work without fuss. Leapsome is the answer and allows you to easily import your data along with a host of convincing integrations.

You can easily import data from your HRIS (human resources information system) for a simple and easy setup. There are several ways to do this, from using Personio to BambooHR, both of which integrate and automatically sync to your existing database.

On top of that, you’ll be able to log in with SSO (single sign-on) instantly, and employees themselves can log in via Active Directory, GSuite, OneLogin, or Okta. In other words, there’s no need to remember another username and password to access Leapsome, which makes it even easier to get started with and use.

The same is true for workflows, and you can integrate Leapsome and Slack to receive reminders and run other processes through Slack commands alone. Calendar Apps is integrable with Leapsome, too, so that you can see upcoming 1:1 meetings and team check-ins.

The “Engage” module of Leapsome includes onboarding surveys, a best practices library, and surveys. You’ll need to contact Leapsome for a custom quote, and you can request a demo here. You can also arrange a free 14-day trial.

#3 – ClearCompany – The Best for Real-Time Feedback

ClearCompany logo


Best for Real-Time Feedback

Real-time feedback can decide the outcome of your company, and ClearCompany has the answers. It provides a platform to track progress, keep up to date with employees, and set goals to stay on track. Don't miss out; get started today.

Feedback via surveys and other means is helpful, but sometimes real-time feedback is the aim of the day. With ClearCompany, you have a compelling piece of software that offers just that.

With the software’s real-time feedback, you can ensure employees and managers are constantly aligned on critical goals and stay on track. The real-time feedback results from the track and comment features, allowing you to see progress towards goals, comment where necessary, and record changes as they take place.

Automated notifications help to remind managers to provide feedback and co-operate on crucial areas vital to your business’s success. Reminders are also available for employees, encouraging them to share their thoughts, update you on progress, and set new goals.

We’re pleased to see such a mobile-friendly piece of software too. ClearCompany allows employees to sign in from anywhere, and they can see new feedback, recognitions and facilitate conversations with ease. This mobile capability includes goal tracking, alignment tools, and access to surveys to keep things moving.

ClearCompany doesn’t list its prices, and you’ll have to reach out for more information. That said, scheduling a demo of the software couldn’t be more straightforward.

#4 – 7Geese – The Best for Customer Service

7Geese logo


Best for Customer Service

Excellent customer service can be hard to come by, but 7Geese provides it in spades with dedicated support teams at every stage. With feedback tools, best-practice templates, and automated workflows, there's a lot on offer here. Learn more with a free online tour.

7Geese is now part of Paycor Talent Development, but most people, for now, will know the name 7Geese. Essentially, all of the same great features are available under different branding, including excellent customer service.

Support teams are available around the clock, and performance coaches bring out the best in you and your company. There’s access to the Knowledge Base for handy advice, best practices, and helpful training videos. In our experience, the support teams have always been professional and keen to solve problems, so we can’t recommend them enough.

Moving away from customer service, 7Geese, of course, has more to offer. There are dedicated feedback tools, automated workflows, and customizable templates to allow you to get ahead. On the automated workflow front, you’ll have access to an easy-to-use dashboard where you can set up workflows to eliminate repetitive tasks and stay on track.

7Geese, now under Paycor Talent Development’s name, doesn’t list its prices, and you’ll have to contact sales for a quote. You can arrange a free online tour by filling in a few details here.

#5 – Glint – The Best for Predictive AI

Glint logo


Best for Predictive AI

Need to know when and why your employees are going to leave your company? Who doesn't? Glint offers predictive AI capability that allows you to pinpoint where things might be going wrong with real-time alerts and offers learning content, interactive dashboards, and more.

Retaining employees is an increasing concern for employers today. Glint aims to change that with its predictive AI that lets you know when employees are likely to leave.

It’s not only about when employees are leaving, though. Glint also details key performance indicators, generates real-time alerts for loss of productivity, and lets you know when goals don’t get met. In other words: it’s an early warning system that keeps companies fit and healthy.

On the managerial side of things, Glint provides each manager with recommended areas to focus on, curates comprehensive learning content, and suggests when to nudge employees so they can achieve their best. Managers can collaborate with their teams and track progress where required, promoting better habits and boosting engagement.

You’ll also be able to measure employee sentiment in real-time, with customizable surveys that look at engagement, lifecycle, and team effectiveness. Interactive dashboards help to break down this data and present it in clear and easily understood formats. It’s an essential part of keeping your staff happy, and Glint excels in the area.

Glint doesn’t display its prices publicly, and you’ll need to reach out for more information. As standard, it does offer a free demo so that you can check out the software for yourself.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Employee Engagement Software

Here you’ll find the most important factors you need to consider when picking the best employee engagement software for your company.


Setting up employee engagement software needs to be simple, and ideally, all users should be able to complete the setup without hassle.

From configuring permissions and setting up reports, the best software won’t leave companies scratching their heads. The opportunity to easily import data from existing databases is also a valuable extra.

The setup is a critical area to consider for businesses of all sizes and shapes, so be sure to pick software that makes it as easy as possible.


Businesses, those that are successful anyway, will grow over time. It’s therefore vital that your employee engagement software can scale with you.

When picking employee engagement software, be sure to look out for things such as a limit on the number of employees that can sign in and how the tools available adapt as your company grows.

The last thing you want is to jump ship because your current software won’t support your growth. Think carefully about this, especially if you’re a small business, as both time and money are at stake.

Mobile Support

Mobile traffic continues to dominate much of the web, so mobile-friendly software is no longer optional.

There’s software on our list optimized for mobile users, including those in the field. Look for employee engagement software that allows your staff to log in via mobile devices and note the available features.

Businesses need to think about the future, and mobile-friendly software is an important consideration, certainly for remote teams.

Culture Amp logo

Culture Amp

Best for Most

Culture Amp provides you with customizable templates, pulse surveys, and powerful analytics to stay ahead of the game. With a user-friendly design and a more than helpful turnover prediction tool, it’s going to be the right choice for most. A free demo is available today.


Employee engagement software enables companies to boost retention, increase productivity, and it gives employees a voice.

For most, the best software is Culture Amp, with accessible design and compelling features, while Leapsome offers great data importing functionality.

ClearCompany is more than recommended for smart real-time feedback, while 7Geese offers professional customer service and a range of valuable tools.

Glint is a solid choice for predictive AI that forecasts when employees might leave along with detailing emerging problems.

Be sure to think about the scalability of the software, the ease of setup, and whether it’s mobile-friendly or not, and you won’t go far wrong.

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