7 Ways to Find the Best Dropshipping Products

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Offering high-demand merchandise at an affordable price is perhaps the most effective way to ensure your online business thrives in the long run. But keeping a check on ever-increasing running expenses makes this harder.

Dropshipping is the easiest way to run your business cost-effectively while generating the maximum amount of profit you can. But you still need to consider various factors to choose the right products for your customers.

This guide will go into detail about finding the best dropshipping products that sell like crazy.

The Best Tools for Finding Dropshipping Products

Below, you’ll find our top recommendations for the best dropshipping companies that have a robust product catalog with millions of products across just about every category.

Oberlo offers several amazing features to simplify dropshipping, including customizable pricing based on your own rules and deep integration with Shopify. Try it for free with Shopify today.

SaleHoo has an 8,000+ strong database of pre-vetted suppliers, ensuring you both quality and reliability. Sign up with our link to get a free year of SaleHoo.

Printful is an excellent choice for ecommerce sellers who want to design their own dropshipping products. Create custom products with the platform today.

Company logos for our best tools for finding dropshipping products - Oberlo, SaleHoo, and Printful

More Top Dropshipping Companies

While the above three are our top recommendations, they aren’t the only ones to consider. We researched more than a dozen dropshipping platforms to compile a list of companies trusted by millions. We’ve analyzed and dissected every option before recommending them for specific use cases and have also shared our methodology to help you identify the best option for your online business. 

See all of our picks for the best dropshipping companies.

1. Identify Trending Products on the Internet

Adding trending products to your dropshipping store’s inventory will immediately boost your revenue—provided you figure out what exactly is trending in the current landscape.

Ideally, you want to source trending dropshipping products before other entrepreneurs discover them to take advantage of the low marketing fees while simultaneously establishing your store as the top retailer for the products in question. 

To start, surf the trend using data-analyzing websites to gauge your target audience’s interest in search terms and identify products with high sales. We recommend using Google Trends, which shows you how frequently a given search term or topic has been entered into Google’s search engine, helping you determine the total search volume over a given time period.

Here’s how to go about this—simply enter the keyword and check the interest of the keyword idea on the platform. You should be able to view an overall trend graph (for example, whether the keyboard has growing or declining interest) and suggestions related to current buzzwords.

Example of a trend graph showing keyword data

Kickstarter and Wish are other great platforms to identify products with huge profit potential.

While looking for products, don’t forget to account for marketing. Otherwise, you may end up with products that are hard to market, which will negatively impact your profitability.

2. Perform Competitor Product Research

Not many ecommerce sellers realize how useful competitor research is when it comes to product ideation or selection. It’s a legit goldmine of information!

Deeply research your competition’s product catalog to discover the products they source and sell. If you’re thorough, you can also forecast potential new products they are likely to sell in the future, which will give your brand a competitive edge. 

Here’s how to go about it—do a quick Google search for a product you’re interested in and prepare a list of all the websites selling it. Open each website to analyze their product catalog and get a better idea of their current best-sellers.

While you’re at it, make note of each dropshipping website’s pricing strategy. After all, price is one of the most crucial factors that influence buying decisions.

If you find your competitors are already selling a product you’re actively considering but cannot source it at a similar price, it’s probably not a good option to start your drop shipping business. Cross it off your list and come back to it once you’ve built a strong brand presence and have a loyal customer base.

3. Check Out Popular Marketplace Platforms and Supplier Websites

Another excellent way to find the best dropshipping products for your website is by looking at leading marketplaces like AliExpress and Amazon. This will help you better understand which kinds of products have had sales (and at what level) and which haven’t.

For instance, AliExpress shows banners and product activity sections on its homepage. Simply enter the title of the item you’re looking to search for, and you can see all the related products sorted by appropriate filters like the best match, orders, and price. You can always dig deeper by using multiple filters like orders, star ratings, and reviews to further evaluate the interest in your prospective dropshipping product.

AliExpress website showing products by best match criteria

Other platforms like Amazon and eBay also have a highly diversified product range and a seller product page that can work well to supplement your research. 

Amazon‘s Best Sellers, for instance, is based on the sales of every item and is updated regularly to reflect recent and historical purchases made on the platform. Amazon has category and subcategory bestseller lists too, highlighting every item’s rank, and super diversified categories and subcategories. 

Amazon website showing best sellers in health and personal care category

You can also look at other social shopping sites like Etsy and Pinterest to discover how customers feel about different products. Every platform has customer reviews and feedback, which will help you identify products people love and are raving about and accordingly zero on the best products to dropship.

4. Do Informed Google Searches

Doing relevant Google searches may be old school for some ecommerce sellers, but it’s still super effective.

To begin, type the name of your chosen niche (for example, fashion, wellness, hygiene) followed by “products.“ A list of websites featuring relevant items will pop up on your screen. Bookmark ones that pique your interest and return to them later when narrowing down dropshipping product options. 

Another fun way to research products on Google is by trying out random search queries. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Most interesting products
  • Unique product ideas
  • People were loving this product
  • This product went viral
  • Top trending products

Experiment with different search queries, going to results carefully. Eventually, you’ll find great products worth offering to your customers. 

Google search results for people were loving this product in baby care

5. Conduct Offline Surveys

Just because you’re an ecommerce seller doesn’t mean you can’t adopt offline product research methods. 

Here are two proven strategies to find profitable dropshipping products for your online business:

  • Visit physical stores: While there is no doubt people’s shopping habits have changed post-COVID-19, retail still isn’t dead. Go to physical stores selling items closest to what you want to sell. Observe the kind of products being sold and what products people are actually taking home. It’ll help you better understand customer preferences and habits, which will be significantly useful when choosing products to sell in your own online store.
  • Survey people around you: Distribute questionnaires and surveys among your friends and family asking them about their shopping preferences. Alternatively, you can build a focus group of “potential customers” to have them test the product you plan on selling and collect their feedback to understand whether they are liking the product or not.

6. Leverage Social Media Platforms

From Facebook to TikTok to YouTube, social media platforms are the perfect place to find inspiration for dropshipping products.

You can do keyword research on TikTok, for instance. Some popular hashtags you can check out are #TikTokMadeMeDoIt and #ViralProduct. This will show you a grid breakdown of all the trending products being used (and favored) by TikTok users.

Facebook and Instagram are the other platforms for ad watching that will help you gauge current engagement in different products. For example, you can look up dropshipping stores or novelty ecommerce brands in Facebook Ads Library to see all of the active ads of the brands. Moreover, as Facebook also owns Instagram you’ll find the brands’ Instagram ads here as well.

If you find successful stores are already pushing their products to the public, it would be better to explore other products. But if you want to try and compete with more established stores, you can do that too. More power to you!

Alternatively, you can also consider selling similar or complementary products. The idea here is to settle on a product that will help maximize sales while keeping your costs low to improve your profitability.

7. Use Product Research Tools

There’s nothing wrong with you doing product research yourself, but it’s the amount of time you’ll need to put in (spoiler alert: a lot!) that can be problematic for online entrepreneurs who already have tons of things on their plates.

Using a dropshipping product research tool instead will help you streamline and accelerate your research process to identify suitable products for your business. You can use it to evaluate a prospective item’s potential based on factors like current order volume, sales history, and the number of online stores selling the item.

What’s more, you have a lot of product research tools to choose from, most of which are user-friendly and intuitive. One of our favorite tools is the AI-based Sell The Trend. 

Sell The Trend research tool showing search data for a DIY sushi roller product

The platform uses an algorithm to show you products trending across all ecommerce stores and provides a lot of data for each. Useful filters like “Hot products” and “Sold by most stores” further help you pick profitable dropshipping products for your own website.

Allfactor, D-Nicheur, and Dropship Spy are some other product research tools you can try.

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