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Featured in Forbes as well as being an Author, Speaker, Coach, & Business Growth Expert – that’s Michael Maven. Is founder of the customer acquisition system.

Strategic partner of two businesses which grew from zero to the Inc 500 fastest growing companies list. Today, Carter and Kingsley use those exact profit growth strategies to grow sales for Amazon, IBM, eBay,, company founders and investor portfolios.

See detailed case studies at the Carter & Kingsley website or search ‘Michael Maven’ on Amazon.

How A 10,000 Year Old Habit Boosted Sales by 114% (Pay Attention To The ‘Sneaky Decoy’ Trick As Well)

by Michael Maven

We’ve only recently started experimenting with this tactic, but each time we use it, the results completely blow our minds. We wrote about it briefly, and the next thing we knew was Neil Patel asked us if we would share here. Of course, we said, “We’d love to!” So here’s…

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