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Learn The Psychology Behind Creating Rabidly Loyal Customers

by Gregory Ciotti

Create Loyal Customers

All marketers are concerned with “customer loyalty”, and it’s no surprise why.  Many of today’s most successful brands have a cult-like following with loyal customers lining up to buy their products and services. Loyal customers are also an outstanding source of word-of-mouth marketing. The question: How can you create rabidly loyal…

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3 Research Studies That Reveal Smarter Pricing Tactics

by Gregory Ciotti

Smarter Pricing Tactics

It might be the easiest way to make an instant impact on your bottom line.  Tinkering with your prices. Pricing your products is an insanely important part of maximizing your sales, yet many times entrepreneurs are comfortable going with their “gut” on pricing. That’s unfortunate, because there are numerous techniques…

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