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April’s Best: A Dozen Fresh Perspectives on Analytics, Conversion, and Copywriting

by Ritika Puri

You know what they say about April showers, right?  The same holds true for the world of digital marketing. Jumping into your company’s Q2, this has been a month of hard work, long hours, and rigorous business-building.

Now, it’s time to unwind and celebrate the beginnings of a beautiful new month.

So let’s get to the good stuff — here are, in this marketer’s opinion, April’s best conversion, analytics, and copywriting articles. Cheers to a brilliant May.

Conversion Optimization

1. Call to Action Buttons: The Ultimate Guide on Which Ones Convert and Why
Worried that you’re over-thinking your CTAs? If you can’t get ‘click here’ out of your mind, you’re probably on the right track. Visual Website Optimizer breaks down key elements of great CTAs — color, text, and size.

2. 12 Posts to Perfect Your Customer Testimonials
Stefanie Grieser of Unbounce rounds up 12 of the web’s best posts on customer testimonials — and invaluable tool for reputation-building. From video to social media, these tips will help your business create the best testimonials possible.

3. 5 Principles of Persuasive Web Design
ConversionXL’s Peep Laja breaks down the art of digital persuasion. Here’s how to make the most out of your visuals and words.

4. Mobile Marketing Conversion Optimization Tools & Code Tricks
The time to flesh out your cross-platform strategy was yesterday. Amman Badlani explains how to get your mobile experience right.


5. Theft: 9 Ways to Protect Yourself From Losing Your Data
Imagine what would happen if you lost all your business data. This post/podcast will help you protect one of your more valuable business assets.

6. Infographic: The Periodic Table of Google Analytics
Jeff Sauer’s powerful visual breaks down absolutely everything you can track in this infographic. It’s a great overview of how Google Analytics can help you understand how people interact with your site.

7. Direct Advice on Direct Traffic
Direct traffic metrics are less direct than they may seem. Justin Spencer of Analytics Pros explains what you need to know about this valuable data point.

8. How to Track Customer Service with Your Analytics
Making customer service decisions without data is like throwing darts in the dark. Help Scout’s Gregory Ciotti helps digital strategists navigate this labyrinth.


9. 5 Ways to Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do
“You have to train yourself to see the world through their eyes.” It’s that core skill that can make you a marketing mastermind, and this Inc. articles gives five useful tips for doing it.

10. Storytelling Lessons from the History of Music Videos
Digital strategist Reb Carslson explains how one artistic medium can influence another. Create a tangible story, be experimental, make a connection, and allow group participation.

11. Do Customers Actually Care About Your Company’s Values?
Brands care about engagement, but what about customers? Do they align with your company’s values? In some instances, the answer is a clear ‘yes.’

12. 3 Tips for Keeping Your Buyer Personas Fresh and Alive
Digital strategist Anna Ritchie explains that marketers need to keep their buyer personas fresh and alive. Your audience is ever-changing — empower your brand to get involved with them.

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Get updates on new articles, webinars and other opportunities:

Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri is a San Francisco-based blogger who writes about trends in business, internet culture, and marketing. She’s inspired by the intersection between technology, entrepreneurship, and sociology. By day, she works for a large online media company, and after-hours, she runs her writing consulting business, UserGrasp.


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    A really great compilation of different tips and trick on three different categories. We of course have a bias on the Copywriting tips, we think the tips were great and useful. Thank you so much Ritika Puri for this article

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