13 Conversion Boosting WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using in 2016

by Sharon Hurley Hall

Last updated on July 25th, 2017

If you’re starting a conversion rate optimization (CRO) project, there’s a good chance you’ll be doing it on a WordPress powered website. As a WPEngine infographic shows, WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, with 59.3% of the market and is used by some of the world’s biggest sites and brands.

Wordpress owns the Internet

That’s why it’s time for a 2016 update to last year’s list of conversion boosting WordPress plugins. Those plugins still rock, but there are some new entrants worth taking a look at.

Headlines and Titles

According to Copyblogger, 80% of people never read past the headline. That’s why it’s essential to get it right. These plugins will help.

1. Title Experiments

title experiments wordpress plugin screenshot

I’ve seen this plugin in use on some sites I’ve written for and it works well. All you do is enter title variations and they will automatically show to a segment of your audience. When the test is over, the winning variation will display. There’s also a pro version of this plugin which allows you to test a variety of featured images as well. This can be an excellent way to decide on the best titles before sending your content out via email.

Where you can find the plugin:

2. KingSumo Headlines

screenshot-kingsumo.com 2016-05-23 09-58-51

You could think of KingSumo Headlines as a premium alternative to Title Experiments. Noah Kagan has used the plugin to increase traffic by 17.8%, which is a good first step to increasing conversions. Add various title options, then the experiment runs the titles and eventually shows the best performer to all your visitors. It can help with title optimization for old posts too.

Where you can find the plugin:

For more on writing headlines, check out Your Expert Guide to Writing Awesomely Effective Headlines.

SEO and Social

Behind the scenes optimization and on-page social sharing buttons make your content even more visible, which helps with conversion optimization. Here are a couple of plugins to help with that.

3. DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager Plugin

screenshot duracelltomi.com

If you’re used to implementing Google Analytics the old way, getting Google Tag Manager to work with your site so you can get meaningful data can be tricky (I know; I’ve tried!) That’s where this plugin helps provide an easy way to make the switch. The more you know about your site, the better you can optimize it, which is why this plugin makes the list.

Where you can find the plugin:

4. Social Warfare

I’m not using this myself, but I’ve seen this social media plugin in use all over the web. It provides quick loading, attractive buttons to help visitors share your content. It allows you to post images to Pinterest and to create Twitter summary cards that will bring new people back to your site and it also integrates with Google Analytics.

Where you can find the plugin:

Learn more about SEO in this article: 7 Ways SEO will Evolve in 2016.

Landing Pages and Lead Generation

Whether you’re looking to build interest for a coming offer or increase your audience for something you’re already promoting, your landing page is the hub of your CRO efforts. Here are four plugins that can help you improve landing page effectiveness.

5. WordPress Landing Pages

In the last roundup, we featured the WordPress CTA plugin from Inbound Now. This is another plugin from that stable which allows you to create landing pages from within WordPress, working with your current theme. You can test variations and collect leads too. This free plugin is part of a paid suite that offers additional conversion optimization functions.

Where you can find the plugin:

6. WordPress Leads

WordPress Leads is another free plugin from Inbound Now. While this isn’t a CRO plugin as such, it helps you collect, manage and analyze leads which helps you adjust your conversion optimization strategy if necessary. Again, this is part of a more comprehensive paid suite.

Where you can find the plugin:

7. Coming Soon by Seed Prod

screenshot seedprod.com

When you’re about to launch a product, you need a way to start your marketing and collect leads. This is a good solution for creating a beautiful landing page and it works with most major email marketing providers. A limited free version is available, though you will get much more functionality with the paid version.

Where you can find the plugin:

For more on landing pages, The 6 Laws Of Landing Page Optimization: Do You Know The Basics? is a good starting point.

Site Improvements

Slow sites drive visitors away, and so do poorly-designed forms. The two plugins below help with these issues.

8. Imagify

Site speed is a conversion booster; slow sites are a conversion killer. One thing that slows sites down is large images. That’s why an image optimizer is (sort of) a conversion booster. When installed, Imagify automatically compresses images. I’ve used this on my own sites so I can report that the images still look good and site speed has improved.

Where you can find the plugin:

9. Gravity Forms

screenshot gravityforms.com

Gravity Forms is a premium plugin but it’s popular with marketers. It allows you to create forms for virtually any purpose and integrates with the top email marketing programs. It’s already used on more than a million sites, with the $39 price tag proving no barrier. Well-designed forms will convert well, so it could be worth investing in this plugin.

Where you can find the plugin:

Find out more about form design in The Small Nuances of Form Optimization That You Must Get Right

All in One CRO Plugins

Can one tool really handle all aspects of CRO? These two plugins invite you to find out.

10. InTrigger

screenshot intriggerapp.com

InTrigger says it can convert visitors into subscribers, get people to download and build revenue with its conversion and lead generation plugin. It claims a 320% conversion boost for users of its plugin, though there are so far no case studies to back this up. Still, the sample scenarios on the InTrigger website look interesting, so this might be worth a try.

Where you can find the plugin:

11. Icegram

Icegram says it’s an all-in-one CRO plugin, including popups, header and footer bars, interstitials, a headline generator – pretty much everything most marketers use when trying to improve conversions. It includes themes and claims a 60% click through rate for Icegram messaging.

Where you can find the plugin:

For more on conversion rate optimization, check out Learn CRO Visually: 13 Infographics on Conversion Optimization.

A/B Testing

To get more from your CRO strategy, you have to test and measure. These plugins will let you do it from your WordPress dashboard.

12. Nugget/Ingot

Ingot is a simple A/B testing plugin for your site, which automatically finds out what works best by collecting a bunch of data as you run your tests. No third-party services are needed. Nugget is the free, light version which allows you to test one call to action at a time.

Where you can find the plugin:

13. AB Press Optimizer

The free AB Press Optimizer plugin lets you run split tests from your WordPress dashboard. You can use it to test any textual element on your site simply by filling in a few fields and using a shortcode. The Pro version allows you even more options, including testing image based variations.

Where you can find the plugin:

Here’s another approach to split testing: An Anti-Cookbook Approach to A/B Testing

These 13 plugins will give you even more tools to improve your conversion rate. If you have any favorites to add, please share them below.

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