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Confetti Report

This video shows you how to use the Confetti Report.

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In this tutorial, we’ll examine how to use the innovative Confetti report from Crazy Egg to learn more about your visitors and how they arrived on your site. Here’s what an active Confetti report looks like:

By looking at the dots, you can get a general idea of what areas are popular and which ones are not – similar to Crazy Egg’s heamap feature. However, the real power of the Confetti report is that it goes beyond this and gives you added insight about your visitors.

Categories Menu

As you’ll see in the report, the top of the key shows a category, and each dot is colored according to its value in that category. For example, the default category is “Referrer,” so the dots are colored according to which sites referred the most visitors who wind up clicking somewhere on the site.

To change this default and view additional information about your website’s visitors, click on the down arrow next to the category. This will open a menu of different options for you to choose from, including return visitor, search terms, search engine, country, browser, time of day, and more.

When you select one of these categories, all the dots will change colors to reflect clicks on your page according to that category. For example, if you switch the view to “Browser”, you’ll see a breakdown of the clicks that occurred from visitors accessing your site with different browsers, including those on mobile devices.


To break these views down even further, you can use the check marks located beside each variable to either show or hide that data. For example, if you wanted to see only the clicks from visitors who accessed your site using Firefox, click the check box next to “Name” to clear all selections and then click the box next to “Firefox” to separate out this data.

As you begin exploring the Confetti report, you’ll find that it can be extremely useful when determining things such as:
• Which search terms brings the most visitors
• The most common operating system or browser for your audience
• What time people are viewing your site
• Which visitors arrived through your ad campaigns

The Confetti report is great for drilling down into details and for seeing how different types of users interact with your site, making it an incredibly powerful tool for increasing your site’s conversion rate and bottom line.