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The Heatmap is a visual overview of where your visitors are clicking. The brighter the area, the more popular it is; the darker the area, the less popular it is. As a specific area of your page gets more clicks, the color on the heatmap will change. To compare the results of 2 different heatmaps side by side, click on the snapshots dropdown at the top left, and then select the compare button.

The Scrollmap shows sections of the page that have been viewed the most. The brightest sections have been viewed the most number of times and the darker sections have been viewed the least. The legend at the bottom shows the relationship between a specific color and the percentage of impressions received.

The Confetti report displays clicks on a page from your visitors and the metrics for the clicks. The colorful confetti dots each represent a click on the page. The colors change based on the selected metric in the legend.

The Overlay report is based around the elements on your page; plus (+) markers are used for elements that have received clicks. Markers that are colored red are elements that are more popular/received more clicks than markers that are colored blue. Clicking a marker will display additional information about the element.

The List report will display all elements that have received clicks on your page in a tabular format. The information under the columns Element Name and Type are pulled directly from your page.

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