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The heatmap is a visualization of where your visitors are clicking. The brighter the area, the more popular it is. The darker the area, the less popular it is. As a specific area of your site gets more clicks, its color on the heatmap will change.

To compare the results of 2 different heatmaps side by side, click on the snapshots button at the top right, and then select the compare button. This will open up the second heatmap.

The scrollmap shows the number of times each part of the page was visible through a browser window. Bright areas received a greater number of impressions, dark areas were viewed less often. The legend at the bottom shows the relationship between a specific color and the percentage of impressions received.

The confetti report pinpoints exactly where a person clicks. The dots are color coded to show you more info about the visitor. The default view is Referrer, click on the drop down to change to different views such as Search Term, Search Engine, Browser, ect.

The overlay will show the specific number of clicks that each link receives.

The plus sign markers are color coded from blues indicating the least clicks to reds indicating the most clicks. Clicking on the plus markers will expand open more info about the clicks on that specific link. Use the gear icon (to the left of the heatmap) to see more functions of the markers.

The list report makes it very easy to see all the elements that got clicks. The element name and type are taken directly from the code of your page, so you can easily identify the items.

Not your mobile site? Create a mobile-specific snapshot that will show how this page appears to mobile visitors.

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